“My back became pretty much all better overnight.”

“I have been feeling great the last few weeks since coming to you for the treatment. I have gone from daily headaches before cutting out sugar to 4-5 headaches to not a single headache since seeing you.  I am so happy with these results, it is amazing to have a day where I can think and just be without pain. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have helped to make a huge difference in my daily being and I am so grateful!

“My blood pressure dropped from 188/84 to 128/70 after the session.”

“All I can tell you is I have never experienced anything as powerful as our session. I feel like some of my “stuff” fell out of me. I have felt tears well up in my eyes almost hourly. Thank you. I really feel another session will release more deep, deep, deep “stuff”. You really are amazing. I have never been that close to my self.”

“I would summarize my feelings after the first session as feeling more grounded, more at ease, able to deal with challenges more easily, and..I like myself more.”